1) KWH METERS, SOCKETS, & LOCKING RINGS:  This is a standard Edison-type household electric power consumption meter. It plugs into a special socket or "all-in-one" circuit breaker box.  It has an easy read direct digital consumption display and can be wired for standard 110 or 220 volt AC single phase power. It can be hard wired to read a sub-circuit or even installed in the middle of an extension cord. New. $75. Socket with locking ring $15.  I have several available.  (Chatsworth)        


2) Meter Box:  100 amp "all-in-one", flush mount, single phase, meter socket with lock ring, 100 amp main breaker, space for circuit breakers, unused.  $45  (Chatsworth) (0747)



4)HID lamp: metal Halide high bay light.  400 watt. 120/208/240/277 volt. Uses M59 bulb. $150 (Chatsworth)


5) Steel Box: Weather tight electrical enclosure, 20"H x 16"W x 8" Deep, wall mount, lockable door, NEMA 12. $75 (Chatsworth)

6) Walk Way Light: 4 tier Pagoda, aluminum, mounts on pipe, used. $10 (Chatsworth)